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                                                                   Yamaha U7, Teak wood circa 1975

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 Purchase Consults

Appraisal. If you are selling a piano, you will need to know what a reasonable asking price is. You may also need to know how much your piano is worth for insurance purposes. Valuing your piano's worth is getting an appraisal. An appraisal includes a full inspection of the piano, a report, and a written estimate, if it is desired. It can include determining the piano's age.

Purchase Consult. If you are buying a used piano, you will be spared a lot of problems by having a qualified piano technician inspect the piano before a sale is made. This is a purchase consult. Like an appraisal, it includes a full inspection of the piano, a written report, and a written estimate, if it is desired by the client. It also includes determining the piano's age.

However, there are ways to narrow your choices so you don't have to hire a piano technician to inspect ten different pianos. I sell "How to Buy a Good Used Piano" by William Leverett. For clients who want to do more research on their own I also sell "The Piano Book" by Larry Fine.

Estimates. If you would like to know what repairs are needed on your piano and how much they will cost, that is an estimate. Estimates are free with appraisals, purchase consults, tunings or any other service call.


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