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Taking Care of your Piano

  • Pianos should be placed away from heater vents and windows where they may get direct sunlight. If your house is poorly insulated, they should be kept away from outside walls; most homes today shouldn't have this problem.

  • For optimal sound, the back of vertical pianos should be at least 4 inches from the wall.

  • Pianos can be lightly wiped clean with a clean dry rag. If needed, a damp cloth can be used. Do not use furniture polish on your piano, if you feel you need to polish your piano, I can recommend or provide appropriate products.

  • Spilled liquids can be wiped clean with dry rags. Actually, it's best not to put any drinks, house plants, or anything else with liquid on a piano.

  • One of the best ways to take care of your piano is to install a humidity control system in the piano. See Humidity Control.

  • I can offer a piano care class for groups. If your group is interested in booking a piano care class, please contact me.

What you can do to make a service call go smoothly.

Extra noise makes piano tuning unnecessarily difficult. Anything you can do to minimize extraneous noise is appreciated. If you store anything on your piano, please remove it ahead of time. Finally, please be there or make arrangement for there to be a way for me to get in to service your piano.

Payment expectations.

Payment is due upon completion of work. Credit accounts are generally only available for organizations with prior agreement. If you must cancel an appointment, please call as soon as possible and we can reschedule.

I also offer for sale the following products:

  • Dampp-Chaser Piano Life Saver System.   An automatic humidity-control system.

  • Cory Keyboard Products.   Cory Ultimate Care Kits for all kinds of piano finishes.


  • The Piano Book: Buying and owning a new or used piano, By Larry Fine.

  • The Piano, A Piano Technician's Guide for the Piano Owner, By Phil Gurlick.

  • How to Buy a Good Used Piano, By Willard Levertt.


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