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                                                                   Gary Evensen, 2010

Regular Piano Tunings

Continues the Love of Playing

Remember the thrill you felt when you first got your piano? How it sounded as good as you imagined it should. When every part was clean, in tune and properly regulated. Well, like your car, a piano that has routine tunings and maintenance will continue to perform as was originally intended. A fine piano is expected to last a lifetime, unlike most of the items people buy, and if it is serviced properly, by a competent piano tuner-technician, it could last for several generations.

 In addition to tuning your piano, I will perform routine maintenance such as tightening frame and bench screws, adjusting pedals, and inspecting the general condition of action and case parts. We can discuss repairs to any worn or broken parts and you can decide what actions to take.

Educational Background

      The days of learning piano service through years of study with a master at a factory are long past, and there are only three residence schools in North America where a student can go full time. Most students learn through correspondence.

The Randy Potter School is different than other schools, which is why I selected it for my study. It is written like a college course, and in fact several colleges and licensed apprentice training programs have used it. Written course material is integrated with many auxiliary textbooks, manufacturers’ technical training manuals and Training DVD’s teaching in depth aspects of tuning, repairing and regulating pianos. The course material will take a dedicated student about a year to complete. The available  hands-on seminars  help technicians put what’s in their head into practice.

Graduate of Arizona State Univ. with a B.S. degree in Engineering Design.

I have lived in the Lakeway, TX  area since 1995 and have been a full time Piano Technician since 2009.

Associate Member of the Piano Technicians Guild (PTG)


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